UPCA Academy was established by Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association in the year 1999-2000 and its coaching centre is based at Kamla Club, Kalpi Road, Kanpur. It was started with the aim of nurturing and grooming the young talents of the State. Its vision and mission is to develop the skills of the prospective players through high quality specialized coaching by experts so that the players can compete with others on higher platform. The trainees at the academy have benefited immensely through infrastructural facilities and coaching techniques.

The academy provides world class facilities like playing Ground, Gymnasium, Auditorium, Dressing Rooms, video analysis facility, Dormitories, Sports Library, Treatment and Rehab Room etc. Its coaches and staff are well qualified, trained and experienced.

As regards, Ground related facilities at our Academy, we do our best to expose our trainees to very scientific high performance training programmes along with appropriate tools to help, monitor, track and assess progress of our wards. Bowling machines, video analysis, modern gymnasium, yoga classes, dormitories are few of the facilities, our trainees enjoy. We have a full ground, having a boundary of 70 yards from all sides. The ground has seven Centre and four practice pitches. The ground is fully equipped with all major maintenance equipments like Walk behind Pitch Mowing machine GR1000, Triplex Outfield Rowing machine GR3250D, Lawn tractor XL380H, Verticutter/ Sacrifier GS04, F15B top dresser 85417, Whale Super Sopper, Back sprayer SR420, Ground Roller 2 ton & 500 Kg., Brush cutter FS130 and Back lapping machines etc.

There are few special initiatives also, which we have undertaken to improve the performance of the Academy such as organizing tournaments, academic support to players, conduct of number of Level –A courses for coaches by the State, Number of accredited coaches in the State (Level A – 24 & Level B – 9) etc.. Women's wing is also involved in the State Academy.

Further, it is proposed to build 4-5 indoor wickets for the training of players at Academy during rainy season. This will certainly be beneficial to the trainees, who face difficulty in practicing during such weather. An international standard staying facility for stay of players and coaches etc. is also under way at Kamla Club.

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